[lazarus] How do I make a form? (Win32) pure newbie questions...

Robert Young robert.young at hksystems.com
Wed Apr 24 09:17:56 EDT 2002

Daniel Umoh wrote:

> Hello, first of all I am using Windows (win32).
> I'm a newbie to Free pascal and lazarus. What I want
> to use the compiler(s) for is to compile a basic form
> and some code that acesses a DLL programmed in Delphi.
> I suppose I should say that the DLL is a game engine
> programmed using DirectX. I want to use Free
> Pascal/Lazarus to compile a form for playing the game
> in and to compile the game code that accesses the DLL
> engine.

an excerpt from  an earlier email from Mattias Gaertner
<nc-gaertnma at netcologne.de>

snip ..
The form editing is under construction. If you want to use the LCL, I
suggest to create projects of
type 'Program' instead of 'Application' and wait with form designing,
till we have fixed the evil
clientrectangle, mouse coordinates and mouse capturing bugs.

This is to use the RAD features of lazarus you can however look at
lazarus/examples/helloform.pp for a simple non RAD example.

Linux Journal has a linux a interesting article you may also be
interested in. Compare his example to helloform.pp to see the work that
the LCL can save you.


P.S. everyone : I am a newbie to fpc as well I am just trying to save
some time for Mattias and others by answering this question. If this
info is incorrect of incomplete in any way please feel free to correct


> All of this information might be irrelevant to you,
> basically I've had no luck in finding information on
> how to display a form. What components do I need and
> how do I use them. Can I compile delphi forms(.dfm) or
> do I need to use something else?
> Right now I can't even use Lazarus because it keeps
> giving me the error message that it can't find
> GTK-1.3.DLL. Where can I get that?
> Final question, does Free Pascal/Lazarus support all
> the OOP features of Delphi such as Inheritance, Classes.
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