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Vincent Snijders VSDS at RND.VB.CBS.NL
Thu Dec 12 09:11:38 EST 2002

On the win32 api version: it is very unstable. It just hangs on showing the source code editor due to problems with the implementation of the notebook control. 
Tonight or tomorrow night I hope to send in a patch for this problem. But don't get your hopes up, because it still crashed om startup, only a bit later.


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> Grey Coyote wrote:
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> > The web site link to the downloads does not show any
> > content for me either. I simply went in ftp.
> Granted you will find one that way but it is very old. The reason a 
> Win32 binary isn't indicated is because it is very unstable and very, 
> very, very alpha. The Win32 version found on the ftp will work but is 
> there more for demonstration then for really attempting to do 
> any work.
> It is better to get a 1.0.7 release of the compiler and then get the 
> Lazarus source out of CVS and build the Win32 version 
> yourself. You can 
> try the GTK version and the Win32 API version. While you can get much 
> more functionality with the GTK version it is not nearly as stable as 
> the Linux GTK version due to the Win32 GTK library.
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