[lazarus] Maybe a stupid question, but

matooo at email.si matooo at email.si
Thu Dec 12 11:39:23 EST 2002

... as I said earlyer I was absent for almost a year and wasn't really following
lazarus, I just couldn't allow my self the time to test anything (I think
everyone know how testing while working ends).

Is there maybe a chance to compile it with gtk2? (explanation: gtk1 has many
flaws in international usage aka. special regional characters, while gtk2
eliminates this problems by using system wide solutions built in controls)

Hope it's wasn't too stupid.

p.s. Could you maybe add password mode in TEdit
it involves only calling

gtk_entry_set_visibility(GTK_ENTRY(someedit), TRUE or FALSE)

so that shouldn't be a problem if I think correctly, I used that on my app and
it worked fine, except it would be nicer to have password: boolean property than
that, especially looking at portability of app.



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