[lazarus] Maybe a stupid question, but

matooo at email.si matooo at email.si
Fri Dec 13 12:19:38 EST 2002

Quoting Mattias Gaertner <nc-gaertnma at netcologne.de>:

> The gtk2 interface has not yet been started. The idea is, to inherit
> from
> the gtk1 interface and just overload 

overload or correct?

> any procedure that needs some
> adaptions. So, I think, a basic gtk2 interface can be created very
> fast.
> After that all the changes listed on www.gtk.org

I downloaded all documents, but there's no changes specified just complete API
specification, is there maybe some document of changes to ease the job. It
wouldn't be easy to search every function and check it. So for start it would be
much nicer if some such document would exists. www.gtk.org doesn't contain
anything like that.

> must be checked. And I
> estimate, that this will take at least a full week of work.

A bit too much to acomplish in one peace. but I think I can help at least a bit

Also I just finished fam implementation and basic object. Component will be
finished today. If that one is planned for lazarus I can upload it somewhere
otherwise it will appear on my server after I find a time to set him up again


> Any help is appreciated.
> Mattias
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