[lazarus] Lazarus for Win32

Michael A. Hess mhess at miraclec.com
Fri Feb 1 15:01:25 EST 2002

Ronan van Riet wrote:
> How up to date are the Win32 binaries? How often are they refreshed?

At this point in time they haven't been refreshed for a very long time.
The reason was that we could not get a build using GTK API and Win32 API
version was still under development. At this point the Win32 API is very
close (still some crashing) but we do have a GTK build. You can get it
here to give it a try:


It is still buggy but it finally is runable on Windows again. I will
start doing nightly builds again as soon as we can sort out some issues
with Makefile's.

> Also mentioned on this list was that someome was working on a new web
> site.

It is in process. I can't give you a date of the change over but it
shouldn't be to far down the road.

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