[lazarus] CVS changes

Michal Bukovjan michal.bukovjan at openone.cz
Sat Feb 2 20:19:31 EST 2002


I just commited the following changes:

- basic TPanel implementation
- new Canvas.Frame3d function, which draws 3d border in a native style 
(GTK only)
- extended Canvas.TextRect function (overloaded) to use additional text 
layout parameter.
- split LCLLinux into LCLLinux and LCLType, likewise Graphics -> 
Graphics and GraphType. The LCLType unit and GraphType unit contain 
constants and types commonly used, the purpose of the split is that we 
can now reference common types (like TAlignment) from interfaceobject 
units without circular references, or without the need to declare them 
twice. Something lik C header files. Maybe in future they could contain 
abstract class declarations as well, I would like to discuss this first, 

BTW, I ran into some compiler bugs:

1) Compiler mishandles units that begin with the same string, i.e. when 
I have units Graphics and GraphicsType, the second is never found!
2) Inheritance seems to function somewhat strange - for example, try to 

type TMyButton = class(TBitBtn);

Whenever you create this type of button on a form, it is never 
displayed. Weird. TBitBtn button is of course OK.


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