[lazarus] Win32 GTK Does work again!!!!

Keith Bowes keith_bowes at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 4 19:05:49 EST 2002

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Subject: [lazarus] Win32 GTK Does work again!!!!

> Greetings,
> Well it can be made to work but not straight out of the box.
> There is a new Win32-GTK available. (labeled as not stable). However it
> does contain the various items that we are using in GTK in the Linux
> version. I downloaded these new libraries.
> I modified the FPC GKT code to know about the new libraries and to
> remove some of the ifndef Win32 items indicated in the code. I then
> rebuilt the FPC GTK unit.

Are you going to give the updated units to the FPC developers and put the
new GTK+ DLL's and a suitable version of the compiler on FTP?

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