[lazarus] lazarus/kylix

Liebrecht Venter Lrven at attglobal.net
Tue Feb 5 18:59:12 EST 2002

If Michael Hess already forwarded the following questions/remarks to you
please accept my apologies. I read the recent comments about Kylix (use
of QT colors and fonts) and maybe (2) hereunder is relevant....The
"building fontmatrix" is very suspicious indeed smelling like
wine.........wine builds a fontmatrix...too much of a coincidence and
wine-applications also tends to  swim on linux. I dont know enough about
toolkits,,,but it is suspicious.

Otherwise my questions in (1) is personally of urgent need for a
different purpose as I am not developing Pascal/Delphi gui's but
hard-realtime drivers and industrial process control in Pascal and Ada.
For the Pascal work, Linux seems to be void of  the functionalities in
It would really be great for programmers like me in the embedded world
to have the functionalities in (1) and do all pascal development in

1)  When do you anticipate having "step", "step into" , "breakpoints"
etc  implimented.
Once this is done I can trash Kylix.
2) Congratulations on the speed of Lazarus w.r.t Kylix. Kylix seems to
be a Wine port as it swims on the desktop and is slow (ms dll's replaced

) and does that curious "font matrix build" which is probably nothing
else than
wine creating a font database I suspect. I done quite a bit of wine
porting myself and this looks like wine covered up. Kylix will not last
long (against Lazarus) this way ....
Lazarus REALLY impresses me with speed and native
behaviour only (1) is missing which is a nice feature in Kylix.

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