[lazarus] kylix 2 (OE) -> FSF components-is it possible?

AgentOrange Vasily.Volchenko at mstu.edu.ru
Thu Feb 7 02:43:51 EST 2002

License of kylix 2 (OE) prohibits using its IDE in competing projects (except plugins for Kylix or smth. so, I am not a loyer and English is not my native language). But it is possible to develop a component (for example, now I am
developing rich text (not rtf) control) and publish it as a GPL. Is it possible to me (or only for someone else) take this GPL-ed control and ajust to another delphi-like project? (lazarus or so).
As for lazarus, I think, gtk is not a good idea. Idea of fpgui was well, but it died.

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