[lazarus] new not correct working things

Jens Arm Jens.Arm at gmx.de
Fri Feb 22 05:09:09 EST 2002


Some new not correct working things and questions:

1.  The undo limit isn't saved correctly.
2.  The UnDo-MenuItem does not work. The Shortcut works (only if the editor
    is the active window).
    Looks like all the Edit-MenuItems don't work, if I click on them!
3.  The Tab-Width-Combo in the Editor-Options don't work.
    It doesn't react to clicks and you cannot edit directly.
4.  If I type ctrl-space the identifier completion should be started, but
    the code template is starting.
5.  If I hit ctrl-j and then ctrl-space always the old data from the ctrl-j
    before is in the appearing window or wrong data.

Looks like point 4 + 5 are doing wrong things only if I edit a program without
forms (perhaps without classes -> problems?).

6.  If I iconify the Lazarus-Main-Windows only this window is shown as icon.
    I think all other open Lazarus-Windows (Editor/OI/...) should iconify, too.
7.  Does this pretty UNIX-Cut-and-Paste over the middle-Mouse-button
    working in the Editor? I MISS IT :(:(:(
8.  What formats can the TImage-Component display/decode at the moment?
9.  The OI-Background-Color setting in the Environment-Options has
    no effect and get not saved correct.

At the moment I have to write a little Numeric-Program for study :(
and as IDE I use Lazarus :)
That's the reason for finding at the moment so much things :)


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