[lazarus] new not correct working things

Jens Arm Jens.Arm at gmx.de
Sun Feb 24 06:12:17 EST 2002

> > 3.  The Tab-Width-Combo in the Editor-Options don't work.
> >     It doesn't react to clicks and you cannot edit directly.
> Perhaps, because the combobox is disabled.
> Does your theme not show, that it is disabled?

The component is normal shown.

I use XFCE as WM, because KDE or GNOME are using soooo much of my memory and disk space.
XFCE, is small, quick and gives me all I need :):):)

> > 7.  Does this pretty UNIX-Cut-and-Paste over the middle-Mouse-button
> >     working in the Editor? I MISS IT :(:(:(
> Works fine for me.
> The question is, does the middle mouse button come to synedit, or is the primary selection out of order.
> What happens, if you select some text in the source editor and do a mid-mouse click?


> What happens, if you select some text in the source editor and do a mid-mouse click in a terminal?


BUT -> From terminal to the source editor it DON'T work

> > 8.  What formats can the TImage-Component display/decode at the moment?
> xpm. But the TImage relies on TGraphic, which is currently only a gtk-specific workaround. When I finished the nice-to-have source editor functions, I will improve that. I think, the LCL should handle bmp, xpm and ico format. Hopefully I will manage to get it compatible enough, to use all the Delphi graphic units. Can't say, when it will be available. Hopefully in two months.

jpeg/png would be nice, too. They are handled be Kylix, too.

> > At the moment I have to write a little Numeric-Program for study :(
> > and as IDE I use Lazarus :)
> > That's the reason for finding at the moment so much things :)
> That's what I like of open source. Users will test for bugs, before yourself runs into them. Plz go on.
> I think, it is nice of you, to collect bugs in one mail, instead of flooding the list. :)

I keep on searching :)

> Although sometimes you mix up IDE bugs and LCL questions. e.g. the TImage support.
> I think, it helps other users to search for and quicklook if you split them.

OK, next time.


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