[lazarus] Internationalization-Russian

÷ÁÓÉÌÉÊ Vasily.Volchenko at mstu.edu.ru
Fri Jul 5 02:23:01 EDT 2002

> > yes but the old gettext unit won't work well with different character
> > sets than ISO8859-1. It _might_ work, when everything is not using
> > Unicode but is configured to use the same character set.

I need no unicode (koi8-r, only 33+33 cyrillic symbols are needed). But another
problem (not connected with gettext) is that xkeyb uses unicode. So, lazarus
don't support xkeyb ru in events. Really we should return to xmodmap?!!
But about gettext. It worked with an example in fcl, russian worked well. But
when I tried to use %s as a dir name (/usr/share/locale/...), it didn't work at
It seems to be good to internationalize dialogs.rst too. I made hard changes, it
looked nice :)))

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