[lazarus] Newbie Q : Can't find classes.pas...

Mattias Gaertner nc-gaertnma at netcologne.de
Fri Jun 28 09:51:09 EDT 2002

On 28 Jun 2002 23:22:29 +1000
David Creelman <dave at geko.net.au> wrote:

> Hi Mattias,
> Thanks for the pointers.
> I checked the FAQ and it looked like my path was okay. Tried again and
> it still didn't work, so I checked the directories that were searched
> when the compiler ran and the fpc gtk directory (/usr/lib/fpc/etc...)
> wasn't in there. It was trying to use the lazarus lcl/gtk directory
> which was empty.... I ended up copying the gtk.pp file into the
> lazarus/lcl/gtk directory, then it compiled.
> Now the IDE runs. I managed to change the compiler options under run->
> and got the demo project to run.

That's nice. But I'm not sure what your error was.
The lcl/gtk directory should be empty and AFAIK is not part of the search path. So, how can an unit be found there?
Also you mentioned, that you just copied gtk.pp. I guess you ment gtk.ppu.
What about the other files in the /usr/lib/fpc/1.0.6/units/linux/gtk/ directory?
Lazarus can't be compiled without them.

> I don't have too much spare time, but I'd like to tinker. What needs
> doing ?

A lot of things. 
Do you like to help with the IDE (form editing, codetools, source editor, debugger, documentation), the LCL (components, images, docs) or the interfaces (components, images, docs)?


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