[lazarus] New New Lazarus Logo

Shane Miller smiller1 at stvgb.org
Wed Mar 6 14:51:29 EST 2002

Very nice!


>>> mhess at miraclec.com 03/06/02 01:23PM >>>

Yes I have made yet another new Logo for the Lazarus project. One which
I think is more appropriate. Someone mentioned using the cheetah which
actually makes more sense. I had previously made the logo with Tux but
Lazarus isn't just for Linux. It is for Win32, FreeBSD, etc. The logo
should represent that. So now the logo uses the cheetah as it's main
character. It contains the Delphi goemetric objects and one of the
columns from the Delphi site. The column is one of the remaining columns
from "The Sacred Way" at the Delphi site. Kinda of appropriate.  ;-)

Also it is now all original art or at least in no way a copyright
infringment in anyway.

Check it out here:


Let me know what you think.

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