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Michal Bukovjan bukovjan at mbox.dkm.cz
Fri Mar 8 02:25:21 EST 2002

I agree with Michael as well. The Greek symbols copyright must have 
expired some thousands years ago :-)

And I like the logo with cheetah most, it is very cool and 
professionally looking!


Michael A. Hess wrote:

>Matjaz Mihelic wrote:
>I appreciate your concerns, however .....
>>I was reffering from watching legal cases over less intrusion (Krayon
>>>>Crayon) (Windows >> LindowsOS)
>Both of those involved the name of the product. In those cases the name
>itself is trademarked and that was the infringment. We don't have any
>names that have anything to do with Borland Delphi.
>>If you'd look on borland page you'd see that all logotypes and names
>>that I specify are registred trademarks.
>That isn't exactly true.
>They can't trademark a font. They also can't trademark geometric shapes.
>They can trademark a complete logo but not elements that are used to
>make the logo. They certainly can't trademark images from the Greek
>Delphi site.
>If you read the Borland Trademark page it refers to the following being
>   Borland
>   Delphi
>as words and logos. You may also not use their graphic logos that would
>misrepresent your product as being part of or connected to Delphi.
>I don't think there is any danger of someone mistaking the Lazarus
>graphic logo as being a part of Delphi or Borland. The original one and
>my first new one, yes, they could have had a complaint. The new one has
>no relation to Borland at all.
>Think about it a minute. If you step back and look at the logo and
>imagine you had no idea what the Lazarus project was would you infer
>from the new logo that it had anything to do with Borland Delphi? The
>only possible way would be the fact that the work pascal is in there.
>I don't think we have to worry about the new graphic. At least I'm not
>going to.  :-)

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