[lazarus] Changelog question

Michal Bukovjan bukovjan at mbox.dkm.cz
Tue Mar 19 13:18:10 EST 2002

Marco van de Voort wrote:

>>Would it be possible to remove the ever-repeating changelogs from the 
>>end of each file and perhaps create a separate Changelog file?
>Being able to see the revision of each file in each file is very handy for
>developpers. This is not something one usually sees until somebody is
>submitting patches or changing things in CVS.
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I agree. But in current state, you see revisions to other files (i.e. 
these are misplaced), so it is not very useful.

And as I said, I am bothered when I grep for some expression and find 
this expression in always longer changelogs, copied across multiple 
files. It makes 'grep' often useless.

Lazarus is the only project that does this I've seen so far.


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