[lazarus] New Bug Entered

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Wed May 15 14:48:59 EDT 2002

Title: downloads - crash binary, crash source

Entered by: Jim

  Don\'t know if this is a bug so much as a lack of
setup data.
  Downloaded binaries and source (Win32). Ran
binary from lazarus directory on D-drive. DOS
window resulted in multiple GTK errors and then the
program froze, with all panels drawn.
  Compiled source with fpc 106 and had to manually
build the lazarus.res file, fpc could not locate the
images directory for lazarus. The resultant exec-
utable was 7.3mb. Crashed when run with DOS box
showing all Windows procedures names\' as they
were run. 
  One small grey panel showed which when closed,
was replaced by a larger grayed panel with two
tabs at the top l;abelled something like \'hm1\' 
and \'hm2\'.
  If I place the binaries download in the fpc 
directory, will it run correctly?

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