[lazarus] Response to Win32 bug entry

Michael A. Hess mhess at miraclec.com
Wed May 15 15:44:55 EDT 2002

The current Win32 binary available uses GTK+ as the widget set. This 
binary is now several weeks old. Many new features have been added since 
this was built.

The usual stable GTK libraries available for Win32 are missing some 
features that are currently being used in Lazarus. These new functions 
are available in some of the newer very alpha Win32 versions of GTK. 
However the FCL does not support these newer libraries. I made a special 
version of the FCL using these new libraries to be able to build Lazarus 
with the newer GTK. The GTK libraries supplied with the Win32 binary 
available are required. If you have a mix of GTK libraries or it is 
point to the wrong libraries there is a possibility of strange behavior.

If you attempt to build Lazarus with source for Win32-GTK you will 
continue to have problems because the 1.0.6 version of FPC still 
supports the old GTK libraries.

Since GTK-Win32 is really, really, unstable is why more of a major 
effort is being applied to writing the Win32 API widget interface for 
the LCL. This way Lazarus can be compiled and built to use the Native 
Windows API.

The problem is that at this time this effort is being handle by just one 

   keith_bowes at hotmail.com

If you would like to see a stable Win32 version of Lazarus Keith would 
welcome any and all help in finishing up the interface. He has done a 
bang up job and has the majority of the LCL components working using 
Win32 but there is still more to go to get the IDE in a stable condition.

As soon as the Win32 interface becomes more stable we will be able to 
create nightly builds of the Lazarus IDE but until now it mean that you 
have to get the source out of CVS and build it yourself. Hopefully that 
will change in the very near future.

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