[lazarus] At last, it is usable. Great

÷ÁÓÉÌÉÊ Vasily.Volchenko at mstu.edu.ru
Fri May 24 03:27:30 EDT 2002

> see thread "Compile error"

If there is a minor error in fpc, may be, it is a good idea to bypass it in the project rather than correcting it and making inofficial fpcs every month.

> > Some disadvantages:
> > 1. There is no patching system as an alternative of CVS. Might be, I'll
> > make such inofficial system.
> How will this work?

Simply. Just publish lazarus-20020521.tar.bz2 on a site (I can do this as soon as I take 2nd computer). Then, might be, lazarus-20020615 + patch or so on.

> The graphics are still not implemented. You can only load xpm.

Sorry. I can not. This error is during loading xpm.

> But for several reasons 100% vcl compatibility is impossible.
> So, eventually lazarus will provide some tools to automatically add the needed IFDEFs to delphi units and create the lfm files.

Course. The problem is: there are too many unexpected units (lcltypes and other *types), which are not only have no analogs in vcl/clx, but even are not installed
in /usr/[local/]lib/lazarus (I don't use /usr/local at all, on my linux computer (it is my, but not connected to internet or other network at all) /usr/local is
symlink to /usr :) )
Besides,. let's imagine, I have dfm/xfm, and I have to translate it to lcl. It is not difficult to do it manually, but there is a problem to link this pas+lfm to
the project and then edit this form. I couldn't do it simply.

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