[lazarus] At last, it is usable. Great

Mattias Gaertner nc-gaertnma at netcologne.de
Fri May 24 05:09:45 EDT 2002

On Fri, 24 May 2002 11:32:52 +0400
"÷ÁÓÉÌÉÊ" <Vasily.Volchenko at mstu.edu.ru> wrote:

> > see thread "Compile error"
> If there is a minor error in fpc, may be, it is a good idea to bypass it in the project rather than correcting it and making inofficial fpcs every month.

I agree with you.
But there was no inofficial compiler because of a small bug. They were always crashing/nasty bugs or missing things, that were needed for lazarus. 

> > > Some disadvantages:
> > > 1. There is no patching system as an alternative of CVS. Might be, I'll
> > > make such inofficial system.
> >
> > How will this work?
> Simply. Just publish lazarus-20020521.tar.bz2 on a site (I can do this as soon as I take 2nd computer). Then, might be, lazarus-20020615 + patch or so on.


> > The graphics are still not implemented. You can only load xpm.
> Sorry. I can not. This error is during loading xpm.

Sorry, my statement was ambigious.
The xpm representation is the TPixmap, which works. graphics are TGraphic, TPicture and TImage, which are only 50% complete (the VCL part which is OS independent). But the vcl uses bitmaps which are very win32 specific. The LCL api will be the same as the vcl, but the inner algorithms will be very different.

> > But for several reasons 100% vcl compatibility is impossible.
> > So, eventually lazarus will provide some tools to automatically add the needed IFDEFs to delphi units and create the lfm files.
> Course. The problem is: there are too many unexpected units (lcltypes and other *types), which are not only have no analogs in vcl/clx,

The LazarusResources variable can be moved to controls.pp, so that LResources can be omitted in the uses section. The LCLType and GraphType are simply splits. So a converter can for example simply look for graphics and add graphtype. 

> but even are not installed


> in /usr/[local/]lib/lazarus (I don't use /usr/local at all, on my linux computer (it is my, but not connected to internet or other network at all) /usr/local is
> symlink to /usr :) )
> Besides,. let's imagine, I have dfm/xfm, and I have to translate it to lcl. It is not difficult to do it manually, but there is a problem to link this pas+lfm to
> the project and then edit this form. I couldn't do it simply.

True, it's boring work. That's why a converter should do it. A simple converter will only copy the dfm file to an lfm file. A better one will also adjust some values. And the complex one, will scan for all used component classes and removes all missing classes and properties.
Since the other way back is nearly the same, we would also have an export function.


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