[lazarus] Error when Event field click

Андрей Великоредчанин andrew at rodtext.indi.ru
Mon Nov 4 01:56:45 EST 2002

Tony Maro wrote:

>That's pretty common if it's not set up correctly.  You may want to
>check out my HOWTO that's at
>The problem is that Lazarus doesn't have access to your FPC sources.  If
>you didn't download the sources for FPC you need to.  If you did then
>you need to go into your environment options in Lazarus and tell it
>where your FPC sources are.

OK! Thanx! :) I install fpc source, set options in lazarus and all work. :)

And second question:
Where I can find components for lazarus. Or HOWTO how I can write 
component for this?

>On Sat, 2002-11-02 at 06:16, áÎÄÒÅÊ ÷ÅÌÉËÏÒÅÄÞÁÎÉÎ wrote:
>>I download last lazarus and fpc-1.0.7. When I click on any event field 
>>in object inspector I get error - "Error: unit not found: SysUtils". But 
>>if I create and run project - all work. What can I do for correct work 
>>lazarus? :(
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