[lazarus] Just another bug

Vasily I. Volchenko Vasily.Volchenko at mstu.edu.ru
Mon Nov 4 08:19:03 EST 2002

> Can you describe the error in more detail?

I have no dumps just right now. I wonder, if I need fpc-1.0.7's rtl? Or
fpc's 1.0.6 works correctly?
I have fpc-1.0.7 (from lazarus site) compiler and fcl, but not rtl and
The error happens in multi-form program almost always. Main form works fine,
but when creating another form (Application.CreateForm), debugger sends me
to streaming include of classes.pp (somewhat reading properties, proptype,
as I remember, and there are a lot of ^s there. The error is Access
In text dump the error message says that property CAPTION, TOP, LEFT etc
can't be loaded. After that we have the form without initialized components.

You may test this error downloading my source
http://www.ussr.to/Russia/vvi/Lclcmd.zip , then open it in Lazarus, change
some non-main forms (especially SetsForm). I mean changing sizes, moving
components. After that the error may occure (but may not, probability is
about 70 %).

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