[lazarus] Classes and shared objects

Tony Maro tony at maro.net
Wed Nov 6 09:33:48 EST 2002

On Wed, 2002-11-06 at 08:23, Vasily I. Volchenko wrote:

> 2M is quite a big executable. The problem that it is impossible to make a
> small app less than 300 K (including upx-ing). So, we have got that think,

I agree and see your point.  However from my personal use perspective,
It's not an issue because I would never try to write a tiny console
application with Lazarus partly because I have no need, and partly
because that's not really what Lazarus is designed for (I state that
based on my experience with Delphi - perhaps Mattias has a different
opinion of Lazarus)

When you say my 2 MB is huge for an executable, consider that when I
installed GnuCash - a package similar to my application - I had to
download over 15 megs of multiple files and I had to get the versions
that came with my distro because if I tried to download the latest
versions too many conflicts arose and packages wouldn't install.  It was
very frustrating.  I'd rather have a simple 2 MB executable than a 15 MB
hell.  But that's just personal opinion.  Like I say, I certainly see
where you are coming from.  

I feel that most of the new class of average Linux users would agree
that they would rather have ease of use and waste a few megs of hard
disk space when multiple applications incorporate the same code within
themselves.  I know when I first got started with Linux if I had much in
the way of library version incompatibilities I would instantly give up
and find another program to install.  I know enough now to know how to
track down what I need to install, but I still hate doing it.


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