[lazarus] Classes and shared objects

Peter Vreman peter at freepascal.org
Wed Nov 6 09:48:20 EST 2002

>> > I disagree with that.  If you compile without all the debug code, it's
>> > quite small.  My entire CheckBook Tracker application is still less
>> than
>> > 2 MB and it's no small application.  It's a heck of a lot smaller than
>> > everything required to run GnuCash with it's library structure.
> 2M is quite a big executable. The problem that it is impossible to make a
> small app less than 300 K (including upx-ing). So, we have got that think,
> which was in Delphi. Huge apps, which doing almost nothing. But they are
> even
> huger.  Despite machines are more powerfull, we shouldn't use it by such a
> bad
> way.
> And, if we want making many small utilites, it is reasonable to make a gui
> as
> a shared object, as it done for many langs (libstdc++ etc).

Shared objects has not a high priority for the current fpc developpers.
It's a complex issue that needs a good layout, else you end up with all
kind of version problems. And for packages it maybe needs more things to
register when loading the package

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