[lazarus]problem while installing

Danie Brink subs at nas.co.za
Sun Nov 10 11:41:30 EST 2002

Marc Weustink wrote:

> At 23:50 9-11-2002 +0200, Danie Brink wrote:
>> If I remember correctly I had the same problem as it turned out there 
>> was a bad symlink in the /usr/lib directory for the gtk lib.
> That could be the base, but do you have the gtk-devel package 
> installed ? AFAIK, that package creates the symlink.
> Marc

Yes I had the gtk dev pack installed but the symlink refered to an older 
version, if I remember, and I had to symlink it my self to the correct 
dot-so. This is simple to see; simply start midnight commander and look 
for red simlinks in the /usr/lib. If it is there you have to fix it and 
if not then the problem lies somewhere else.


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