[lazarus] Add lcl component

Shane Miller smiller1 at stvgb.org
Wed Nov 13 15:09:04 EST 2002

ControlStyle := ControlStyle - [csAcceptsControls]


ControlStyle := ControlStyle not [csAcceptsControls];

It's a "set" so it's needs brackets.

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On Wed, 2002-11-13 at 11:55, Mattias Gaertner wrote:
> There is comma too much in customidecomps.suggested.pas in line 50.

Yep.  Thanks!

> Second issue:
> Can TCheckBook contain child controls?
> (csAcceptsControls is set in ControlStyle)

Mmm... okay this is new for me...

I've tried: ControlStyle := ControlStyle - csAcceptsControls; in the
create method.  I get "Set elements are not compatible".

How do I change this?

Also, if I set this to not accept controls, can I later still add a
TEdit control to it programmatically?  That's one of the goals for


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