[lazarus] Some LCL questions

vslist at zonnet.nl vslist at zonnet.nl
Thu Nov 28 10:55:26 EST 2002


I am digging in some LCL sources and I have some questions. Rather than 
sending the patches I have some questions first. (Maybe it doesn't need 

In both TApplication.Notification and TApplication.ControlDestroyed FMainForm 
is set to nil. But only in TApplication.Notification Terminate is called.
Why is FMainForm set to nill in two places? Why is Terminate only called in 
one of those places?

Canvas.Destroy has the following lines of code:
 if FLockCount <> 0 then
But the critical section is created wether it is used or not.

I think it should look something like:
 if FLockCount <> 0 then
 if FLock<>0 then

Vincent Snijders.

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