[lazarus] New Bug Entered

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Sat Oct 5 01:38:35 EDT 2002

Title: Find window hangs Lazarus

Entered by: Tony Maro

This has been happening only since the modal dialogs were being played with...  I think.

I constantly use CTRL-F to pop up the find window and start typing without looking at the screen.  Often the FIND window will appear behind the other lazarus windows, but worse is the 1 in 10 or so chance that it never appears.  Since it\'s modal (I assume) none of the other Lazarus windows will accept input, so I can\'t save and close when this happens.  My only option is to kill the lazarus process.  I\'m not sure if the entire application is actually hung, or if it thinks the FIND dialog is waiting for input.  Lazarus windows do still repaint themselves.  Find shows in the list of available windows in my window manager, but it\'s not visible on the screen.  Moving the other lazarus windows proves that it\'s not just hiding behind them.

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