[lazarus] FPC Imlib headers

Andrew Johnson aj_genius at hotmail.com
Sat Oct 5 18:01:15 EDT 2002


1st) this is a question for those in the know on Imlib & GNOME, I have 
ported the main Imlib and gdk_imlib C headers(not Private though), and was 
wondering. Imlib supports a few nice things that gdkpixbuf doesn't, for 
instance- in Win32 StretchBlt will flip images horizontally or vertically if 
the width or height is negative. gdk_imlib supports flipping images, so it 
would be possible using the imlib library to do this in lazarus as well. But 
what is the availablity of imlib on the average system? is it available on 
bsd's? I do not want to add extra library requirements to the standard GTK 
interface unless I know that most people will have it or can get it. Either 
way if I were to add it I would add a compiler flag so it could easily be 

2nd)a question for anyone on the FPC team, I ported the headers initially 
because they are required by portions of the libgnomeui 1 headers, which 
will be required if we are ever going to get a GNOME interface. So can Imlib 
be made into a package, or added to the GDK package, or should it be added 
to the GNOME package itself when we have one. As I understand it GNOME 2 no 
longer uses Imlib, so how will this affect things?


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