[lazarus] Compile freezes up ??

David Creelman dave at geko.net.au
Sat Oct 19 21:42:41 EDT 2002

On Sun, 2002-10-20 at 00:11, Andrew Johnson wrote:
> On 19 Oct 2002 18:19:44 +1000
> David Creelman <dave at geko.net.au> wrote
> >
> >Strange,
> >
> >For me I can't even compile lazarus now. I do cvs update;make clean all
> >and then on graphicsmath.pp, the compiler becomes extremely busy and
> >XWindows response becomes very slow and eventually it crashes X11. This
> >is before even running it. Everything worked okay a few days ago. What
> >has changed ?
> The only thing that has changed in graphicsmath is that I added 2 more 
> overloaded operators for Point := FloatPoint, and for FloatPoint := Point. 
> This should have no bearing on compiler problems. Are you using the Lazarus 
> 1.0.7 or the nightlies?
I'm on broadband, so I do a cvs update (now I'll always add -d, but that
doesn't solve the problem). I'm running fpc 1.0.6 on Mandrake 8.2. If I
compile it in a console (ie. not in an gnome terminal), it fails to
compile, but doesn't crash out X. It fails when trying to compile
graphicsmath.pp which is pulled in by allunits.pp.

Is it necessary to have 1.0.7 now ? If it is should the makefile stop me
from using 1.0.6 ?

Let me know if you want any verbosity flags turned on if you want me to
look into it.

 I no longer have 1.0.6 to test on, so it could be a 
> operator overloading problem there I suppose.
> Andrew


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