[lazarus] Win32 and TToolButton

Markus L üdin markus at luedin.com
Tue Sep 3 09:34:05 EDT 2002


I tried to make the Win32 ToolBar work and the problem I found is the following:

When you try to create a TToolButton it fails and keeps trying until it freezes.

That happens because under Windows you don't get a Handle for a ToolButton but
LCL ToolButton is inherited from TWinControl and because of that it keeps trying

to create the ToolButton because the Handle is 0...

So either we change the LCL ToolButton and ToolBar so that the ToolButtons are
accesed by a handle (i.e. not inherited by TWinControl) but by the Index number
or the command....or we have to try to make hack where we place a regular button
on the ToolBar, if that is possible.

So any ideas?


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