[lazarus] Anyone want to help with documentation?

Michael A. Hess mhess at miraclec.com
Tue Sep 3 15:57:24 EDT 2002


I have been working on the documentation this weekend. Not so much 
writing documentation but writing all of the code required to implement 
and use documentation.

I have added some features to pasDoc. This is the tool used to generate 
the Lazarus documentation. I have added the capability to gather 
documentation out of a MySQL database. So this means we will be able to 
add documentation without having to modify the source code itself. Also 
since it is stored in a MySQL database this means that all database 
additions and modifications can be done via a web site.

At this point I have setup a database and have modified the pasDoc tool 
so that it will generate the documentation. What I want to know is if 
there are any individuals out there that are interested in helping to 
write the documentation for the LCL, IDE, and components. If there are, 
then I will go to the effort to make a user friendly interface for 
people to start adding documentation. Please let me know.

In this process I will also be separating the LCL, Lazarus IDE, and 
component documentation.into separate documentation groups. At this 
point the complete mix of all code is rather confusing.

As a follow on to this I have been looking at how the documentation can 
be linked into the IDE itself. The current layout and organization lends 
itself nicely to the nature of online help in the IDE. It should be a 
simple matter to have online help link to the correct page of 
documentation for the item in question. As we get more of the 
documentation finalized I will look more into what needs to be done to 
make this work.

Again if you are interested in helping with actual writing of 
documentation that explains the functionality of the LCL please let me know.

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