[lazarus] Newbie question: can't find sysutils

Tony Maro TonyM at nlisc.com
Wed Sep 4 11:57:01 EDT 2002

Haha - Thanks!  Looks like I figured it out about the same time you sent this...

I'm an experienced Delphi programmer and experienced in Linux though I learn something every day ;-)  I was amazed when I stumbled across Lazarus yesterday.  This allows me to practically dump Windows entirely - once I write the checkbook balancing software I want LOL.  I never was happy with Kylix due to the install processes required for created applications.

As I go through my learning curve with Free Pascal and Lazarus I'll try to keep an eye out for other FAQ issues that might be added as well.


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> Okay, I've read the FAQ and searched the archives.  Here's what I have:
> Lazarus 0.8.4a (new install from complete sources)
> Free Pascal 1.0.6 (new install)
> Lazarus compiled just fine and runs
> Projects compile fine within Lazarus (and run)
> Double click a button to assign a method and get "Error: unit not found:
> sysutils"
> My compiler options | other sources includes the two default options
> mentioned in the FAQ.
> Here's the thing... I got ONE install working after about 2 hours but I
> don't know how.  I reinstalled, tweaked, deleted, installed the compiler
> and Lazarus over and over and suddenly it worked.  I have no idea why. 
> I've compared the configuration files to no end... the second machine
> just won't work.  I've searched my HD's for sysutils.pp and both
> machines have it in the same place.
> BOTH computers had the problem to begin with.  For some reason it went
> away on the first one and I don't know how.  Both computers were
> installed from the exact same files.  Both installs were done as root.

Just a hint: Lazarus can be installed as any user.

The IDE needs the path to the FPC sources. FPC is not only the compiler, but also all non visual components, like SysUtils, Classes, ... . Lazarus are only the IDE and visual components. Only together they make sense.
You can set the path to fpc sources in Environment -> General options -> Files -> FPC source directory.

I will update the FAQs. 


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