[lazarus] TImage not displaying image?

Tony Maro tonym at nlisc.com
Wed Sep 4 15:46:12 EDT 2002

Okay, I grabbed the CVS just now and rebuilt.  The editor is there and
it displays fine during editing.  Now, I launch my program with the
TImage on the form and have a button to load from file and as soon as it
does, it crashes.

Here's the code:


The bitmap was originally true color.  After that crashed I reduced it
to 128 colors indexed and RGB both to no avail.  Here's what happens in
the console window when the app is run and this line is called:

Form Stream "TFORM1" Signature=TPF0
TPicture.LoadFromFile A TBITMAP
TPicture.LoadFromFile B TBITMAP
TPicture.LoadFromFile C 
TPicture.LoadFromFile D 
TPicture.LoadFromFile E 
TPicture.LoadFromFile F 
An unhandled exception occurred at 0x080E7BE9 :
Access violation
  0x080E7BE9  main,  line 12 of extctrls.pp
  0xBFFFE50C  main,  line 14 of gtkint.ppgtkproc.inc
An unhandled exception occurred at 0x080D504A :
Access violation

forms.pp - finalization section
[TgtkObject.Destroy] WARNING: There are 9 unreleased GDIObjects, a
detailed dump follows:
[TgtkObject.Destroy]   GDIOs: 08110904 08110894 08110844 081107D4
08110764 081106F4 08110684
[TgtkObject.Destroy]   gdiBrush: 6
[TgtkObject.Destroy]   gdiPen: 3

I know everything's not finished yet with lazarus (and probably never
will be :-) so I apologize if I'm asking a stoopid question about a
feature that just doesn't work yet, but Andrew stated I should be able
to load the image at runtime...  Transparency and Autosize are both
turned off.

On Wed, 2002-09-04 at 15:03, Andrew Johnson wrote:
> >there's no ellipsis button
> If you don't have this button, your Lazarus is older than yesterday, because 
> the property editor wasn't added until yesterday morning, along with the 
> fixes which make TImage work.
> Even so, please note that changing the image in Lazarus will not change it 
> in the program yet, as TBitmap/TPixmap cannot save to streams yet. However, 
> after updating your lazarus from CVS, you should be able to load the image 
> at runtime. Though there are problems with Transparency and AutoSize not 
> always working yet. I am still tryig to figure out why..
> Andrew
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