[lazarus] Client area under win32

Michael A. Hess mhess at miraclec.com
Mon Sep 16 11:11:39 EDT 2002

Gerry Ferdinandus wrote:

> Thank you for showing interest in win32 interface.

My comments are a follow up to the comments from Mattias.

> I am studying the win32 interface code to see what is the best approach 
> to finish the job.
> The best approach is I thing to finish it at 'message' level one by one.
> For example:
> Finish LM_CREATE for all components + testing.
> Finish LM_DESTROY for all components + testing.
> Finish LM_SHOWHIDE for all components + testing.
> Etc.
> And not 'jumping' from one bug fix to another bug fix.
> With this approach is too difficult to organize the 'work'.
> And there is the possibility of to much method/event that's not 
> implemented with the above 'jumping' approach.

I have to agree with Mattias. This approach might have worked about 
three years ago when we started but with the current complexity and 
interrelationship of the code it is unlikely to work well.

> At this moment there are no win32 team group.
> You can send E-Mail directly to me for offline 'work' discussions.
> And team up with me?

It is great if you can put together a team of developers to work on the 
Win32 interface but we would rather you stay involved with the 
developers as a whole. We have another mailing list which is used just 
by the core developers. If you do get a team together and start doing 
work and want to commit changes to the project we will include you in 
this list and give you access to CVS. If required, I can also setup 
another win32 developer specific mailing list but please try to keep 
your conversations include with the rest of the developers so that we 
can all play a part.

Some of us (such as myself) have been working on this project now for 
over 3 1/2 years so we have a pretty good idea of the problems and 
pitfalls.  :-)

> I personally think that LCL + (GTK/Win32) interface should have the same 
> behaviour as VCL and/or CLX.
> This is to avoid long discussions.
> If the GTK interface is not VCL/CLX compatible then the GTK team should 
> fix it if possible.

As Mattias mentioned, the LCL is a work alike. We decided a LONG time 
ago that the LCL would work like the VCL and be very, very, very similar 
but would never be able to totally port Delphi code. At that time Kylix 
didn't even exist so no plans for CLX intergration was even possible. 
Lazarus is not suppose to be a Delphi clone. It is a Delphi work alike. 
It will/is able to import existing DFM files and standard non-component 
code with little changes. However, anything component specific is 
expected to require some tweeking.

We are trying to design the LCL to use the best capabilities that the 
API has to offer. Just because the VCL does it one way doesn't necessary 
mean that it is the best way.  :-)

That being said if there is something you guys find that would work 
better if the GTK interface changed then by all means lets do that. That 
is the reason why it is best if all developers are talking together on 
the same mailing list.

And above all, have fun working on it.  :-)

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