[lazarus] Client area under win32

Karl Brandt pascalive at bol.com.br
Mon Sep 16 23:29:59 EDT 2002

Gerry Ferdinandus wrote:

> Hi Karl,
> Thank you for showing interest in win32 interface.
> I am studying the win32 interface code to see what is the best 
> approach to finish the job.
> The best approach is I thing to finish it at ‘message’ level one by one.
> For example:
> Finish LM_CREATE for all components + testing.
> Finish LM_DESTROY for all components + testing.
> Finish LM_SHOWHIDE for all components + testing.
> Etc.
> And not ‘jumping‘ from one bug fix to another bug fix.
> With this approach is too difficult to organize the ‘work’.
> And there is the possibility of to much method/event that’s not 
> implemented with the above ‘jumping‘ approach.

Thanks for the reply.
I agree with you, at least partially.
To make such a beast as a GUI interface,there must be discipline, but at 
some point of development will appear
one or other bug that must be defeated before we can proceed.

What I think it must be done is contact who is interested in develop the 
win32 interface,
make a list of priorities,
and then define tasks for which one, so would not have duplicate work 
and would be more or less organized.

> At this moment there are no win32 team group.
> You can send E-Mail directly to me for offline ‘work’ discussions.
> And team up with me?

I think the best place to discuss is in the maillist.
Are there some discussion about win32 in the developer maillist?

> 3 Potential Windows32 interface programmer:
> Markus Lüdin E-Mail: markus at luedin.com
> Karl Brandt E-mail: pascalive at bol.com.br
> Gerry Ferdinandus E-mail: Gerry_ferdinandus at hotmail.com

How about keith bowes?

Karl Brandt

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