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Michael A. Hess mhess at miraclec.com
Mon Sep 16 11:56:30 EDT 2002

Michael Van Canneyt wrote:

>>* SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model)
> And what does this beast do ?
> What does courseware do, for that matter ?

Well this all is in the CBT/WBT eLearning world. This is of course the 
major focus of my business. As Marco pointed out the fanatics, in this 
case the PHD egg heads who sit around and dream up concepts without 
really having to use them, created the SCORM model.

   http://www.adlnet.org   if you are really interested.

Courseware refers to training courses or learning/references products. 
The idea of SCORM is to make every little piece of a course reusable. 
That means every screen, graphic, media clip is reusable outside of the 
current course. So for example assume I have a course that teaches how 
to code in Perl. In the course there is a page that explains what a 
"Regular Expression" is. I have to design the course, it's flow, it's 
images everything about it to be totally independent on anything else in 
the course. That is so if someone else is writing a course on PHP they 
could just tell the manifest control file that it should just reuse the 
page on Regular Expressions found in the Perl course. Or maybe it just 
wants to use the image I used on my page or maybe just the audio. Anyway 
you should get the idea. Pages/concepts/media should be totally 
independent of the course they are in so that they can be plugged in and 
reused anywhere else without having to do anything to them.

RIGHT. Welcome to the real world. It doesn't happen or even work.

The above model doesn't take into account screen design, colors, control 
buttons, etc. etc. etc. So my Regular Expression page could have a blue 
background to match the course design but the PHP could use brown. So 
they would have to take the content and recode it to match the PHP 
course anyway. The whole thing is an egg head pipe dream.

The biggest problem is that I, as a contractor, don't have access to my 
clients base of courseware so I don't even know what already exists to 
attempt to reuse it in the first place. So EVERYTHING ALWAYS gets recreated.

The whole thing is a joke.  :-\

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