[lazarus] Beta release of CheckBook Tracker (EXE only)

Tony Maro tonym at nlisc.com
Fri Sep 20 18:21:43 EDT 2002

I'm in a rush due to the storms slung off the hurricane, so I only
posted the binaries and required graphics.

The source will follow later when I get it cleaned up.


Fully functional checkbook balancer with a feel like Microsoft Money.

Very few range checks occur yet, so don't be surprised when it crashes
after you put in an invalid date field or such...  But, I need to know
if it just flat won't run on someone's computer or the like.  Or, if you
go to import your QIF file and it croaks... or whatever.  Drop me a line
if you see something freaky happen - I may already know about it, but
that's okay.

Things went fast after I quit having to fix my form files by hand every
20 minutes from the corruption!  LOL

Play with it and see what you think... I've still got a long way to go
to be able to quit using Microsoft Money, but much of the functionality
is already built in and just not implemented in the UI yet.  I don't
expect the file format to change, and if it does I've written it
flexible so it should still open older versions.  I'd hesitate to
suggest anyone use this as their only financial software yet... there
may be some huge bug somewhere.

Not bad for just over 2 weeks work...


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