[lazarus] win32 development

Vincent Snijders vslist at zonnet.nl
Tue Sep 24 11:37:57 EDT 2002


Last week Karl Brandt sent some patches for the win32 interface, which fixed
the form size in win32. Have the been applied, because the helloform is
still to small?

I also have been thinking about how to work on the win32 interface. As it is
only a go between the LCL and the Windows API, we could try and put some
more asserts in the code to warn for missing functionality. Best places
would be in the IntSendMessage3 for an unimplemented message en in the
winproc. After that we could swat al those asserts by putting in code to
handle what is not implemented yet.

I don't see the need to make new test programs as Gerry Ferdinandus did. At
the moment the current test programs (examples) give us enough to do without

I do have some specific questions about the win32 interface. Can I ask them
here as well?

Vincent Snijders.

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