[lazarus] win32 development

Andrew Johnson aj_genius at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 24 13:35:36 EDT 2002

On Tue, 24 Sep 2002 17:41:13 +0200
"Vincent Snijders" <vslist at zonnet.nl> wrote:

>Last week Karl Brandt sent some patches for the win32 interface, which 
>the form size in win32. Have the been applied, because the helloform is 
>still to small?

Yes the patch was applied. As was also mentioned.. somwhere in that thread,  
the reason it apears to small is because in GTK the Width/Height represent 
the ClientWidth/ClientHeight of the form, so in Win32 it looks wrong.  If 
ClientWidth/Height have been implemented properly in Win32, then in the 
example code changing where it set the width and height to set the client 
width/height should make it apear properly. This is an incompatibility 
between X-Windows and Win32 design, not a problem in the Lazarus code.

>I also have been thinking about how to work on the win32 interface. As it 
>only a go between the LCL and the Windows API, we could try and put some
>more asserts in the code to warn for missing functionality. Best places
>would be in the IntSendMessage3 for an unimplemented message en in the
>winproc. After that we could swat al those asserts by putting in code to
>handle what is not implemented yet.

IMO there are far too many asserts in the code as is. And they are mostly in 
the Messaging system. If you were too make sense of the ones that were 
there, getting rid of redundant ones etc. this should be enough To begin 
with. then you can start seeing about adding more if it is really needed.

>I don't see the need to make new test programs as Gerry Ferdinandus did. At
>the moment the current test programs (examples) give us enough to do 

agreed.. but I am going to stay out of this discussion since at the moment I 
won't have much time to commit to the project, so most of my time will be 
spent working out stuff which is on the GTK end.

>I do have some specific questions about the win32 interface. Can I ask them 
>here as well?

Feel free.. but as was also mentioned previously, for simplicity sake, start 
all message titles with [Win32]  so that all those who are working in that 
area know too look at it, and everyone else can simply ignore it.


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