[lazarus] LCL Tab Order Implementation

Andrew Johnson aj_genius at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 24 13:48:59 EDT 2002

I was wondering if, given the differences in GTK and Win32 if it wouldn't 
make sense too implement tabbing ourselves in the LCL. AKA always intercept 
a VK_Tab on Keydown, and loop through the TabOrder to find the next control 
to tab to, and then call to set focus on it. By doing things this way it 
would make it relatively easy to finish tabbing and TabOrder for any 
interface. We would just have to make sure that tabbing(if any) was turned 
off by the Interface internally, so that GTK/Win32 didn't try to tab as 
well.. etc. I imagine that for GTK this would be simple enough. And for 
keeping track of the Order internally we could create a list of taborders 
etc. I do not know for certain, but we could write a GetTabOrderList, which 
returns an array or list of all the components in the taborder, including 
sub-wincontrols taborders so that all components were in order properly 
etc.. I have no idea how it was done in Delphi/Kylix, but this is sort of 
how I have done it my own internal stuff, so I do not see why se couldn't do 
the same thing in the LCL. Any comments or suggestions or better ideas 


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