Behavior of LCL Client Area (was: win32 development)

Karl Brandt pascalive at
Tue Sep 24 23:13:35 EDT 2002

  Andrew Johnson wrote:

> On Tue, 24 Sep 2002 17:41:13 +0200
> "Vincent Snijders" <vslist at> wrote:
>> Last week Karl Brandt sent some patches for the win32 interface, 
>> which fixed
>> the form size in win32. Have the been applied, because the helloform 
>> is still to small?
> Yes the patch was applied.

AFAIK it wasn't applied(i updated cvs today)

> As was also mentioned.. somwhere in that thread,  the reason it apears 
> to small is because in GTK the Width/Height represent the 
> ClientWidth/ClientHeight of the form, so in Win32 it looks wrong.  If 
> ClientWidth/Height have been implemented properly in Win32, then in 
> the example code changing where it set the width and height to set the 
> client width/height should make it apear properly.

What i tried to do was the above (it's not complete!), although i 
disagree this way.
It looks like the WinControl.ClientHeight/Width act 
as WinControl.Height/Width, so setting one or other will do the same thing.
Please correct me if i'm wrong
I think the best behavior is to implement ClientHeight/Width and 
Height/Width as Delphi does:
If you set the client sizes automatically the correct window sizes are 
set and vice-versa,
in this manner the lcl user could decide if he wants set the client or 
the window size and makes ClientHeight/Width really useful.

One way to implement-it:
Setting the ClientHeight would calculate the apropriate (Window)Height 
via AdjustWindowRectEx (Now it's only a hack-> it would be done by the 
Then the Height would be adjusted and the interface called to set the 
desired size.
The contrary would be true: Height -> ClientHeight

> This is an incompatibility between X-Windows and Win32 design, not a 
> problem in the Lazarus code.

Is there a way to set the window size instead of client size in gtk?
Is there a equivalent Windows.AdjustWindow(Client)RectEx in gtk?

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