[lazarus] Corrupted LPI

Tony Maro TonyM at nlisc.com
Thu Sep 26 00:22:15 EDT 2002

With all the talk of my project not opening properly elsewhere I thought I'd open my .lpi file in a text reader and see what I could see...

And was amazed to find the same unit listed about 20 times, several unit entries with no data at all (including unit name) and multiple units from other projects weeks ago that I had closed long before creating this latest project.  It's like it did a mix-n-match of every unit I'd ever opened, regardless of if it was originally in a different project file.  It even included some files I'd opened in the editor off of a CD but never added to any project.

I blew away the .lpi and figured out how to recreate it.

Leave it to me to find another bug and offer no solutions... LOL



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