[lazarus] io-bmp.c fails on line 282?

Tony Maro TonyM at nlisc.com
Thu Sep 26 00:14:53 EDT 2002


Okay now.. I am going to make a suggestion to Tony I probably should have to 
begin with... but I am a dope... so, use Gimp to create pixmap(aka .xpm) 
versions of your bitmaps.  This can be done by opening them in Gimp and save 
as, and select xpm from the file extension list, (and change the name 
extension to .xpm), Pixmap support is native in all supported versions of 
GTK, and don't use gdk-pixbuf for the loading process so it doesn't matter 
if the user has a broken version or not. so long as they have a version 


Well, I did that a long time ago for the splash, etc... it's the TBitBtn that's causing the crash.  I converted it to a standard button and it worked afterwards.  I really like my bitbtn's though, so I anxiously await non-reliance on pixbuf.



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