[lazarus] Edit text beckground color.

Marc Weustink marc at dommelstein.net
Thu Sep 26 17:30:37 EDT 2002

At 23:14 25-9-2002 -0400, Andrew Johnson wrote:
>On Wed, 25 Sep 2002 21:50:51 +0200
>"Marc Weustink "<marc at dommelstein.net> wrote:
>>Eh... from my theme selector it is the 2nd entry
>I am a Dummy.. I just looked it up on Freshmeat, first entry found.
>I didn't even have to load the theme, I just looked at its RC file.. it 
>was obvious what the problem had to be!
>This is an easy fix, its not even worth waiting for the Patch(which on 
>account of the bitmap stuff may take longer then I had planned).
>In gtkproc.inc, line 3199, and 3202, where it says GTK_STATE_ACTIVE, 
>change to GTK_STATE_NORMAL.
>Go ahead and commit this change if you want, but like I said minimal problem.

OK, that did the trick. Altough the line numbers weren't correct, I guessed 
that you ment the ones in the COLOR_WINDOW section.



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