[lazarus] Corrupted LPI

Andrew Johnson aj_genius at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 27 09:20:06 EDT 2002

On Thu, 26 Sep 2002 19:48:23 -0400
"Michael A. Hess" <mhess at miraclec.com> wrote:

>Hmmm. Interesting feature but can this cause problems in some cases. For 
>example: Tony provided the source for the checkbook project. I opened the 
>.lpi and notice, as he did, that it had listings for all sorts of files 
>that had been opened and looked at. The problem is that I don't have those 
>files at the same location (path) that he does. I think that was one 
>problem I had when initially opening his project. He had left the project 
>in a state where he had opened some FPC source files and left them opened 
>in the editor. Those same files tried to open on my machine but they aren't 
>in the same location. The project had a problem opening. (At least I think 
>that is what was going on.)

>So is this a possible problem or was something else going on?

Yes. This is a very likely problem. Fact is, I think that lpi's should only 
contain Project file information, and Currently Open File information. 
Basically I think that Lazarus should have another xml file which stores 
info on all files ever opened in one central location. This would ensure 
smaller lpi, and if lpi's made sure to store relative location's of project 
files (../myfiles/myfile.pas, vs /somedir/someproj/myfiles/myfile.pas) and 
we had a "Publish Project" option which stripped any non-Project Info from 
the file(non-project open files), I think we would be much better off when 
it comes to sending projects to other people etc. Also we should have a 
command somewhere to clean out the lazarus xml of non-existing entries(if 
not file exists delete entries) to clean out the garbage. I was actually 
planning on asking Mattias about this later on, because while I hadn't 
considered the aspect of different systems different locations, why should 
we duplicate al these entries in multiple project files? I have several 
projects working, and at some point or another I have opened most of the 
same files in any one of them. And I have always tried to make sure of 
relative paths in Delphi because what happens if I move a project folder and 
try and reopen the Project? I have to remove and re-add all the files with 
non-relative paths.


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