[lazarus] Corrupted LPI

Andrew Johnson aj_genius at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 27 10:18:35 EDT 2002

On 27 Sep 2002 08:40:20 -0500
"Tony Maro" <tonym at nlisc.com> wrote:

>I also figured out what happens when the project file "corrupts."  The last 
>few lines of the .lpi don't have carriage returns where they belong, in 
>fact if I open it up in a text editor, the font color changes for those 
>last few lines as if they include special control characters. I went in and 
>entered >CR using VI in the proper places and the file opened.

hmmm. so that's one problem. I wonder if my corruption is when I am missing 
a CR in the middle of the units section.. Lazarus will die if I try and 
close a file sometimes, or if I saveall after closing it. This would 
certainly explain a lot.

>Is there a possible buffer overflow problem with the XML units from FPC 
>similar to the form saving problem we saw?

I asked Mattias about that when he first found out that problem, but he 
didn't think it likely(not that its imposible, just unlikely).


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