[lazarus] lazarus updates(New Patch)

Andrew Johnson aj_genius at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 27 14:00:34 EDT 2002

Okay given all the problems I was(am) having with Bitmaps. I created a Patch 
and manually edited out the bitmap problem code, applied it to a fresh copy 
from CVS, and started cleaning up my other changes. So here is the result if 
someone wants to commit it to CVS.(apply IN the lazarus directory)

Here is the run down of what it includes -

  -Vasily Volchenko's Updated Russian Localizations

  -improvements to GTK Styles/SysColors
  -initial GTK Palette code - (untested, and for now useless)

  -Hint Windows and Modal dialogs now try to stay transient to
   the main program form, aka they stay on top of the main form
   and usually minimize/maximize with it.

  -fixes to Form BorderStyle code(tool windows needed a border)

  -fixes DrawFrameControl DFCS_BUTTONPUSH to match Win32 better
   when flat

  -fixes DrawFrameControl DFCS_BUTTONCHECK to match Win32 better
   and to match GTK theme better. It works most of the time now,
   but some themes, noteably Default, don't work.

  -fixes bug in Bitmap code which broke compiling in NoGDKPixbuf

  -misc other cleanups/ fixes in gtk interface

  -speedbutton's should now draw correctly when flat in Win32

  -I have included an experimental new CheckBox(disabled by
   default) which has initial support for cbGrayed(Tri-State),
   and WordWrap, and misc other improvements. It is not done, it
   is mostly a quick hack to test DrawFrameControl
   DFCS_BUTTONCHECK, however it offers many improvements which
   can be seen in cbsCheck/cbsCrissCross (aka non-themed) state.

  -fixes Message Dialogs to more accurately determine
   button Spacing/Size, and Label Spacing/Size based on current
   System font.
  -fixes MessageDlgPos, & ShowMessagePos in Dialogs
  -adds InputQuery & InputBox to Dialogs

  -re-arranges & somewhat re-designs Control Tabbing, it now
   partially works - wrapping around doesn't work, and
   subcontrols(Panels & Children, etc) don't work. TabOrder now
   works to an extent. I am not sure what is wrong with my code,
   based on my other tests at least wrapping and TabOrder SHOULD
   work properly, but.. Anyone want to try and fix?

  -SynEdit(Code Editor) now changes mouse cursor to match
   position(aka over scrollbar/gutter vs over text edit)

  -adds a TRegion property to Graphics.pp, and Canvas. Once I
   figure out how to handle complex regions(aka polygons) data
   properly I will add Region functions to the canvas itself
   (SetClipRect, intersectClipRect etc.)

  -BitBtn now has a Stored flag on Glyph so it doesn't store to
   lfm/lrs if Glyph is Empty, or if Glyph is not bkCustom(aka
   bkOk, bkCancel, etc.) This should fix most crashes with older
   GDKPixbuf libs.

One problem introduced in this patch that I have as yet been unable to track 
down is every now and again on closing lazarus I get a bunch of gtk_object 
is not an object errors.. It doesn't apear to be any of my interface 
changes(though it could be) so I assume it is a problem somewhere else in 
the interface that shows up on account of some of my other code. I tried 
building lazarus in memcheck mode to try and track in down, but it broke my 
build(I think something is wrong w/MemCheck mode). So if anyone knows or 
finds the cause please let me know so I can fix it.

Any other problems or questions (or better yet, fixes ;-), please let me 


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