[lazarus] lpi writing does not correctly works...

Javier javuchi77 at yahoo.es
Sat Sep 28 15:46:53 EDT 2002

El vie, 27-09-2002 a las 19:38, Tony Maro escribió:
> This has been sort of covered in a conversation titled "Corrupted LPI"
> the last couple of days.

Sorry, I tend to check my mail just once a day. :-)

> However the crashes may not be what you think.  I found on mine that the
> last few lines of the file were actually corrupted and had CR/LF
> missing.  I was able to correct that using VI and my project opened
> again.

I've examinated my lpi and seems to do not have such kind of corruption.
So I had to create a new one, adding the previusly created unit files.
I'm not able to determine when and why these crashes are produced. But,
as I said before, it happens along Lazarus growing.


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