[lazarus] Error drawing modal window (for Andrew)

Tony Maro tonym at nlisc.com
Sun Sep 29 21:24:04 EDT 2002

I have been randomly getting errors when drawing a modal window.

It doesn't seem to happen every time, and there is absolutely nothing I
do different to trigger it...  I mean it - there is NOTHING I do
different between a time it will crash and a time it won't.  I can't
faithfully reproduce it, but it happens about 30% of the time when
running the application for the first time after build, and seems to
happen 100% of the time when a fresh install on a new machine (I have a
test bed of 5 machines running 3 different versions of Mandrake...)

When launching the modal form (with bsDialog set) sometimes my app
crashes and gives me:

Gdk-ERROR **: BadWindow (invalid Window parameter)
  serial 5179 error_code 3 request_code 15 minor_code 0

The "serial" code changes, but the others stay the same.

It only happens the FIRST time I launch the program after build (I

It happens AFTER the initial flicker of the modal window appearing.

It happens only on the modal form my program launches

By the way... I thought it strange that I launch the program the first
time after build I get the flicker on the modal window of it appearing,
disappearing and reappearing.  I can then close the app completely,
reopen the app and it doesn't flicker.  I can understand it not
flickering on subsequent displays within the same execution of the app -
but I'm surprised it doesn't re-flicker when I launch the program an
entirely separate time.


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